Reactive Dog Program

If your dog pulls towards other dogs and is over excited, barking excessively, showing teeth, growling or even air snapping then you need to take our Reactive Dog Program. Sometimes these behaviors may even appear to be aggressive. 

We are holding a 4 week, day and train, program with 4 formal sessions throughout the day to help you learn how to manage your dog. 

These behaviors can start at a very young age and should be addressed before the behavior gets worse. Whether or not this can be cured, it is important for you to know how to work with your dog and over time possibly fix them. 

Pricing break down per one month:

  • 12 Day and Train Reactive dog package $1800
  • 8 Day and Train Reactive dog package $1280

*** Day and Train for reactive dogs are held Monday, Wednesday and Friday (8am – 6pm, drop off NO later than 9am).

** Packages are good for 30 days only.