Puppy Steps

The Puppy Steps Class is designed specifically for puppies between the ages of 2-4 months. This is both an on and off-leash class where we teach puppy basics and then proof them in a safe, supervised, and off-leash scenario. The off-leash portion of the class is geared towards instilling healthy play, social skills, and canine communication. Once the basic cues taught are practiced on-leash, there will be several opportunities to proof said cues during the 2-3 rounds of off-leash sessions. This teaches leash-tolerance for when our puppy doesn’t understand that they are in fact connected to us for safety reasons, along with creating a positive association with “leashing up” overall.

The obedience cues taught include the following: Come Away, Treat & Grab, Name Game, Watch Me, Sit, Recall (Come When Called), Leave It, Down, Drop It, Wait, Leash Relationship, and Stay. This includes addressing puppy behaviors such as potty training, chewing/teething, crate/confinement training, handling skills, and confidence-building, coprophagia, demand barking, and more…

Open Enrollment!

  • Tuesday, April 27th @ 7 PM

This is a 5-week class.

Class Requirements:

  • 8-16 Weeks
  • 6 ft standard leash (no retractable leashes)
  • Collar and/or Harness
  • Treats Mixed with Dry Kibble
  • Vaccinations: DHPP (8 weeks), Bordetella (10 weeks), and Rabies (16 weeks)
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