nose work class

Scent (Nose) Work Class

The “Odor Development” class is an independent exercise that teaches dogs to accurately locate odors by initially starting with food in boxes, creating a structured set up, pairing the odors with food, and then gradually removing the boxes.  There are dogs who shine with a job or hobby such as scent detection; the benefits include an increase in confidence, stamina, and cognitive performance.  This is a an ongoing course that requires a minimum of 6 classes prior to introduction to odors.

First class will be held on March 22nd @ 7PM.

• Course cost: $160 / 6 Classes
• Student: Puppies and Dogs who are bored, fearful, high prey-drive, dog-reactive, and/or have a strong innate sense of smell.
• Requirements: A harness, collar, 6 ft leash, and high-value treats.
• Vaccinations: Distemper, Hepatitis, Parainfluenza, Parvo, Bordetella, Rabies (if over 16 weeks of age).
• Length of class: 45-60 minutes as each dog waits for their run.
• Maximum dogs permitted: 4 per class.
• Please inform your instructor if your dog(s) has any allergies or dietary restrictions.