Feline Training workshop

I know what you’re thinking: Cats can’t be trained! Training is for dogs! Cats do their own thing, their own way. It’s the cat’s world, and we’re just lucky he lets us live in it. 

I understand why cat owners feel this way, but I politely disagree. Cats can be trained — in fact, there are some tremendous benefits to training your cat. Training can help improve problem behaviors and allay fears, and it gives cats and their owners a constructive way to interact. A cat who gets plenty of mental and physical exercise and enrichment is a happy cat. Clicker training is an excellent form of both exercise and enrichment, and it can be used to increase your cat’s socialization skills and build their confidence. Target training can be a particularly useful approach for cats of all types and personalities.

Watch your cat’s behavior change as they purr through their training sessions and become a happy, well-adjusted kitty. The time you spend learning together will be the highlight of you and your cat’s day.

Feline Workshop – 1 hour  $90.00
Wednesday,  April 26th @ 07:00 pm