Day Train

Day training is a great way to have us start your dog’s training by taking away the hardest parts and doing it for you.  Of course,  you will still have homework to do.  We train your dog for you during the day and in return, they get to socialize.  We can also help your dog brush up on skills they may have already been taught or are getting a bit sloppy on.

This program is offered Monday – Friday for 2 weeks or 4 weeks.

This program goes great with a group class package which we can provide at a discounted rate when you purchase this program only.

Let us take care of your “furbaby” while you are busy at work all day.

This Day & Train program allows your dog that extra option of training while you are away for the day.

Call or log in to your account for pricing.

You must provide proof of vaccines as well as Bordetella.